Bits to Volts

Using an OpenPGP Card

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I bought an OpenPGP card earlier this year and created a new GPG key (2642D337) during IETF 89. I’ve been using that key to sign git commits, ssh, and sign/encrypt significant emails and files. However I locked the card on purpose while experimenting with it and then encountered problems unlocking and reloading it. Since then the card has been taking up space in my wallet. Yesterday I was lounging and decided to look at my GPG setup and get the card working.

Latex in Octopress

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Many of the topics I work with involve math left, right, and center. Being able to use $\LaTeX$ is a big feature for me so here’s the solution I’ve come up with so far. Credit certainly goes to Dr Zac and Felix for their work getting Latex playing nice. I believe that Zac’s is the more correct solution given its use of the custom header file rather than modifying the default layout. However Felix has the fix for a bug in MathJax which otherwise turns the entire page white when viewing an equation’s source.

Project Bankruptcy

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Most engineers, and probably most people in general, will be familiar with how projects and tasks accumulate. Finishing university and moving three times in two months has pushed my todo list past the end of the page. I sat down today and wrote down everything I could think of that I wished, or was obliged, to accomplish in the next month and have to admit that some (many) of the project ideas that float through my head simply aren’t going to get done.