About Me

If it runs code, I'm interested, whether thats a mobile device, GPU, router, or custom hardware.

I'm the Technical Operations Manager for, and founding member of, Wireless Innovators, the Amateur Radio Club of the CMU SV campus. I'm also an Assistant Section Manager for the Santa Clara Valley Section of the ARRL. My call sign is AG6PO.

I'm irrepressibly passionate about technology in general and embedded and radio systems in particular. You know you've got it bad when your bedtime reading are app notes and textbooks and your electronics workbench is twice as large as anything else in the apartment. I believe strongly in Open Source software and hardware and am finding ways to contribute back to the communities that I benefit so much from.

My activities and learning are shared at code.derekkozel.com. Thank you for visiting, I hope you learn something new.

My email is derek (at) derekkozel.com

Things I Enjoy