What am I up to now?

What is a /now page?


I am currently wrapping up a PhD on high efficiency RF power amplifier design at Cardiff University’s Centre for High Frequency Engineering. It’s been a journey since October 2018 and I’m hopeful that it’ll be something to reflect on later this year with a bit of space between me and the trenches.

I’m starting to revive an interest in taking photos to record moments with family and friends, and my experience of places and activities. It’s easy to find other people’s excellent photos of places and activities so my focus is on trying to have something very personal. I might start sharing some of these.


Reduce unnecessary complexity, increase focus without increasing bad stress, and being purposeful. Step one, finish the PhD and use the energy of the “spring cleaning” tradition to de-clutter mind and environment.


I attended the Free and Open Source Developers European Meeting (FOSDEM) in February, staffed the GNU Radio booth, organized the FOSDEM Radio Meetup, and attended the Software Defined Radio and Amateur Radio devroom.

I took a trip over a long weekend to Aberystwyth with some friends. It’s a beautiful spot and

In December I spoke at the UK Microwave Group Midlands Round Table. It was fun to meet up with other active Amateur Radio operators, it’s been a while.


I’m going travelling starting in early Summer and expect to be away until 2025. I’ll be circling the Pacific and spending about a month in each country.