GNU Radio and USRP Training

I run workshops and direct training sessions covering Software Defined Radio, GNU Radio, Ettus Research/National Instruments USRP Radios, and the RFNoC FPGA Digital Signal Processing framework. These are conducted on-site for groups of 1-10 participants.

If you would like to arrange a workshop or have questions:

Here is an example outline of an introductory level two day workshop.

GNU Radio


  • Introduction (Project, Motivation, License)
  • GNU Radio overview
  • GNU Radio Companion (GRC) overview
  • Third-party modules
  • Project release and development model
  • Key project and community resources

Practical Usage

  • Installation of the GNU Radio core
  • Creation of simple simulations using GRC
  • Input and output functionality (File reading/writing, network streaming)
  • Graphical User Interface elements and creation
  • Interfacing with hardware (receiving and transmitting)
  • Overview of common DSP blocks (filters, resamplers, etc)
  • Basics of analog and digital modulation
  • Implementing simple custom DSP using Embedded Python blocks
  • Creating an Out-Of-Tree module in Python and C++

RF Network on Chip

  • Ettus Research USRP hardware overview
  • Universal Hardware Driver (UHD) overview
  • Deep dive on the USRP X310 and UBX hardware
  • Introduction to the RFNoC architecture
  • Hands on demos configuring and using existing FPGA blocks
  • Building custom FPGA blocks with Verilog